Sunday, September 30, 2007

kids, cows & corn

I went home to sacramento this weekend for a little surprise for my dad's 65th birthday. For those of you who don't know my dad [and grandfather] were both farmers. Dad is retired now but still keeps a few cows in the front yard for good measure. I got to see all the rest of my nieces and nephews as well, all of which have grown a foot since I've seen them last. It's kid heaven out at the ranch; dirt, bugs, swings, toys and they can be as loud and crazy as they want. It was great to see everyone.

I also got a couple of photo assignments out of the trip too, it was great practice for me.


Angeleen said...

Sounds like I'd feel right at home. What a wonderful visit!

Oh...By the way, I have chosen you for the "Nice Matters" award. :)

You now get to pick seven people you think make the blogosphere a better place.

~a ;)

J Lee said...

these are great images!