Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What's your scent?

isn't it funny how scent is so personal? I discovered this scent by Rodier at Sephora 10+ years ago and fell in love with it [they since have stopped carrying it].

For a couple of years I couldn't find it in the US anymore [or my one attempt shipped something that was very NOT it / a knock off] I recently found it on Amazon and took the plunge again [not my link above -that company has stopped shipping as well] it was spot on and I'm back to my old scented ways. I was going to even send money to a friend traveling to Paris to pick it up for me before discovering it again.

lacoste Inspiration was my next go-to it's been collecting dust since discovering my favorite again.

which I just discovered was discontinued? great another one gone.

lolita lempicka is nice but just a tad too "bright" for me. I can only wear it in very tiny doses.

I was almost in it for Prada Candy...but too sweet I just couldn't do it for days on end. What I've discovered is that I like powdery scents that are just slightly warm in note. Not sure what that says about me alas, it is what it is.

What's your scent? how long have you been wearing it?

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