Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Taco Hut

when I was newly divorced in my year THIRTY I rented a teeny tiny house. I wanted the experience of living by myself and this super-tiny, converted garage was for rent. It had a mini fridge, a two burner stove, a loft like this one, surprisingly... a decent sized closet and the most space efficent bathroom you've ever seen. Let's just say that you could nearly shower and be at the sink without moving much. When a friend and her little boy of about 4 came by one day, her little one said "is this your playhouse?" well, yes...that's pretty much it altogether. Another girlfriend said it looked like a Taco Hut...hence it's name. I happen to know the gal who lives there now, and the name stuck which I love.

it was scary being by myself in those days. it gave me comfort to know that I was asleep in the loft if any boogie men broke in. The staircase folded up into the loft on my place so I felt like I could be protected if I needed. What did I think was going to happen? who knows but it made sense at that point.

I would love to say my place looked as glammy as this photo I found the other day on Pinterest but it wasn't this sweet. No laundry or window above my tiny sink. It was perfectly tiny though and great for what I needed a the time. I got very efficent with my space and folding laundry PERFECTLY to fit into it's designated space.

I lasted about 8 months there before I got buggy for space. I needed to be able to stand up to make my bed [a true luxury]

what was your first place? miss it? Every once in a great while I miss that little loft with it's window that looked out to the mountain.

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