Wednesday, April 18, 2012

new in the studio

new greetings come in waves for me...a big tidal wave hit me last week which was very fun.

I'm having a mad love attack for messy, hand drawn type. you might see more of this style sooner than later. Plus? I really needed a birthday card for my 11 yr old nephew and I didn't have a single kid worthy card [I hadn't already sent] problem is his birthday was monday. I had to send him a shitty target card.

and my little brother turns 40 FOR-TEE!! in a few days as well. If he's old, that makes me well....OLDER

My Bad. I've been thinking about this card for over a year. My funky type finally won me over. Everyone has an I'm sorry moment here's a fun way to say it.

all available over here darlings...

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