Monday, April 23, 2012

new in the studio: submodal

I got an email from my new client submodal a little over a week ago. we need some business cards for an event in a little over a week can you help us? yes. one midnight file set up later and one very long day on press and violá. Submodal designed and I helped out a little with the file prep. They are super techie web folks and I'm all dinosaur paper printer - together the two of us figured it out.
they are in Vegas now as I type at their conference with a very pro business card. It's not always possible for a few day turn around on a project, but if the schedule permits it works out wonderfully. what does a production schedule look like for a project like this? sunday - submit files for film and plates. monday - make a mad dash for paper and a late night plate run. tuesday - print all day with client on sight approving color. wednesday - dry time. thursday - dry time. friday - final trim. friday afternoon - card delivery. need a project printed? email me for information richele[at]richiedesigns[dot]com

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