Tuesday, April 24, 2012


among the many jobs I seem to do these days photo styling is one of them. I use to do a bit of it with my 9-5 work way back when - that was mostly action sports related so it was a bit limiting. The past couple years I've been working with a super cute company Oré that I've mentioned here before. The owner of the company has been really open to exploring and trying new things in the realm of photography so I've helped her introduce lifestyle photos for her products and our last couple of shoots really detailed and styled looks.
It's been a fun exploration for me. We both went into it very loose and ready for anything to happen really - we weren't even sure it would actually work for her layouts but surprising to both of us it's been a great experiment and a fun way to add life to her products.

what I find interesting is it's so organic for me. We go into the shoot with a very loose plan and I really don't think a whole lot about it until I'm there when I think to myself "holy crap I have no idea of what I'm doing" and it always works out, cuter than the time before which neither one of us thinks possible.

A couple of the big spreads we've done went into her catalogs and then onto mailers to her wholesale buyers. These are two of the postcards that went out with sections of the overhead shoot. I'm prepping for the next one coming up in a couple of weeks and again am a bit not sure where it's headed but excited for the possibilities.

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