Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kell on Earth

Have you been watching Bravo's Kell On Earth? 5 years ago I would of jumped over people to work for her. Have I told you I'm a specialist in taking care of the crazy? The little girl in the office that stays till 10 every night? hello me...wow it's weird to see yourself in someone else.

Fashion + Bravo insanity had me signed up on the first commercial. Kelly though? I didn't like her much from the beginning. I thought she was a cut throat bitch business person but you know what? she is and I like her for it.

In last night's episode after they were so short handed [after firing and people quitting] she met with her core group and said something like ....let's not let the prosperity of what we've created unravel. total.kelly.fan.

I think I might pick up her book, she might have something to say that I could learn

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