Thursday, March 18, 2010


If you're new to the site today and want to see what else I do besides this bit of fun I have a letterpress studio where I make some fun stuff. Come on over

What inspires you is the question that SF Bay Girl asked her readers and the bloggers participating in Blog It Forward

A couple of weeks ago I was asked this same question What inspires you? Everything I said [Some days everything is exhausting I might add] When the person asked me to clarify this I said something to the effect that I don't get to wander through life just looking. I see a shape and it becomes something else. I see a shadow and I look to see what colors of grey or blue are in it. I look at the sunlight and think about the angle of degrees its happening at. All things are something and nothing in the same moment for me.

It might just be me, maybe it's the curse of being creative I'm not sure. I thought I would concentrate today on the people who inspire me and their work. Some of them I know, others I only wish. Thanks for stopping in.


photographer Gyslain Yarhi.
I was introduced to gyslain's work through a dear friend who was dating him. She kept telling me he was a photographer but a lot of people say that these days so I didn't pay much attention to it. When a couple of his images made it to the Tom Ford Book she had laying about, it ehhhm...caught my attention. He Lives and works in Paris. I only wish I could watch him work. His sense of light is like nothing I've ever seen. I'm always enamored with his style.

A photographer that I did have the privilege to work with was Dave Bush. I was told he was self taught although I never asked him. He focuses on the industry I came from [motorcycle] I had the lovely privilege of working for him and with him a handful of times over the years. I always loved his ease on set and his drive to create art even in the midst of a muddy field, his ability to share the limelight with his assistants [that all shot along side him - that never happens in this industry because of ego] and the finished product that was always so amazing.

I wish I could introduce you to all of them but alas not enough time.


street wear such as The Sartorialist documents each day [pictured above] and his sweetheart Garance. Do you know her? Oh her recent videos she's doing are breaking my heart with fashion love [don't miss the MaxMara show]

big fashion as well. J. Mendel pictured here. This is wearable art don't you agree? I might also add Valentino, Barbara TFank which I have an odd obsession with and many others.

Before I leave fashion can I just say Tavi? if you don't know her I beg you to click over. Girlfriend is 13? or something and fashion blogging. I might add she's not just blogging but has the attention of Vogue and high fashion designers who have all flown her in for shows. I only wish even at 40 I had half of the charisma as that little nugget.


So much music so little space to talk about. The opening of this song has me hypnotized at the moment though.


Nothing inspires me more than creative thinkers. When someone thinks a bit off the wall or oddly it fuels me. My recent letterpress client was like that for me over the summer. A little dark, a little wacky just like I like it. Kuro Collective is a design group here in Long Beach, California should the link not be understandable when you click over, they like it like that.

Right now I should say Steve Jobs of Apple. But oddly I'm going to say THIS GUY who has been on my mind the past 48 hrs. He's in a bit of trouble this week, as I'm sure you know about already. I've known him through friends for a number of years and had the opportunity to work with him on one of his first catalogs about 10+ years ago before he got famous. [I must say I have not seen or worked with him for a very long time]

This is what I can say about Jesse - he has a lot of qualities I don't care for, but wow what a creative thinker. I just wish he was a bit more honorable with all of that wonderful talent and imagination he has.

You're not expecting Sylvia Plath here are you? Please, some of my girls....

Karey Mackin - As I approach my computer each morning I get excited to know I'm going to click over to read her and her tales of Uncle Sugar and the girls. she writes with humor and lots of lower case letters just how I like it. I might add a few. very. strategic. periods. like. this. that I've chosen to steal with both hands.

Petunia Face Another writer I look forward to each morning. I think half the time I click over to see her adorable daughter who has the craziest lama lashes I've ever seen.

and I'll leave you with
Scented Glossy Magazines All things reality tv and bravo hilarious beyond belief.

thanks for stopping in.
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Petunia Face said...

Aw, thank you Richele! Truth be told, you inspire me right back, and I'm not just saying that because you said I inspire you. Pinky swear on my daughter's lashes. You're rad.


SGM said...

Agreed. Your eye blows my mind! And on top of that, you're the loveliest person around. xo

p.s. Have you seen the um, lady, Jesse James allegedly cheated with?
Also, I love the name "Tiny-Ass Apartment." Headed over there now.

Fringe said...

I am completely with you on your inspirations. Beautiful! It's a great treat to "meet" you and look through your wonderful blog.

Thank you so much for sharing...xo

P.S. I know what you mean, I'm inspired by everything too :)

karey m. said...

loved all this inspiration. those photogs are sick.

llama lashes! right on. and emily, my sweet...

but you totally wrecked the writer group with that asshole who writes on mackin ink.

what. a. bore.