Sunday, March 21, 2010

blind love

did I tell you I recently inherited some type? it was generously donated to the richie letterpress studio by my friend Diane when she was cleaning out her garage. not to mention a handful of the cutest dingbats evah.

jeff my friend and sometimes assistant put it to good use on Friday for my friend's birthday gift.

wonder if my friends are tired of my paper presents yet?

available on Etsy should you need a lovely gift for yourself or someone else

btw Megan of A Rollerskating Jam stopped by while we were out printing she was in town visiting family and brought the worlds cutest baby, Frankie, along. It's always a treat to meet the face behind a blog. if you're in Long Beach give a shout out.


studio.delucca said...


love love love

karey m. said...

ok. LOVE the type...

and FRANKIE?! love that. i've got to run over and see that baby.


Megan said...

Richele, it was awesome to meet you!

Thanks for the sweet mention. I loved meeting you, and look forward to seeing you (hopefully) next visit.

Karey, we should make it a party! Frankie needs to meet Esme.

Beth said...

I have found in past experience that meeting the face behind the voice can be interesting. It can be amazing or it can belike finding out there is no Santa Claus. Its like finally meeting the person behind a radio show only to find out that voice behind the speaker that you have been day dreaming about is really a short odd looking person. It can be disheartening. However I am glad your experience was different.