Wednesday, December 09, 2009

under water

have I told you? I want my bedroom walls to be the color of under water. I've wanted it now for about 3 years.

I thought I had the color worked out but alas when I tested it it was screaming with all the sunlight that comes in. I'm talking electric. It wasn't electric in my neighbors bedroom it was the perfect powdery blue-green, but she lives on the other side of the building on the first floor, my bedroom is on the 3rd floor with all sun. no bueno.

but I was visiting Habitually Chic [do you know her? she's fab-u talented that one] tonight and I gasped when I saw this blue from Aerin Lauder's home.

Donald Kaufman color- have you heard of him? I love him and I just met him. I mean come on? the containers are even the perfect shade of everything. that green that has just a touch of grey to it? and that perfectly silver-blue. I want the labels if nothing else.

If you're someone who likes color or is interested in it even you should go look at his site. The man KNOWS color. Trust me when I say this is a difficult thing. It seems like it should be easy but it's one of the hardest things to do, to be good with color, get rooms to seamlessly meld into one another while still saying something on their own. When I had a place that I could paint [freely], I toiled over how rooms worked with one another. The perfect transition color? something called Tortilla from Martha Stewart Paints many moon ago at Sears is she even still there?[it was horrible paint by the way 5 coats later....] but It was the perfect tan with a touch of grey color.

I'm boring you aren't I? I can see you nodding. I'm boring me, really. Lets stop here shall we?

paint. good. go.

Photos by Francois Halard
Aerin Lauder's East Hampton house from the December 2007 issue of House & Garden magazine


Amanda said...

ok, funny.

1. I love the name Aerin. When I first learned of Aerin Lauder in my high school years, I cut out the little article and saved in in my "life" folder to name my child one day. Alas, I have a Molly instead, but I still love the name Aerin.

2. The Martha Stewart color Tortilla is the color of ALL of the trim in my house. I love it so much that I keep painting everything in every house in that color. I keep having it matched, most recently at Benjamin Moore!

Richie Designs said...

that is too funny.

Tortilla, it's perfect right? so odd!!