Sunday, December 06, 2009

An essay on Marriage

A long but interesting look at how one couple set out to improve an already good marriage. In todays NYT. Funny, honest, touching and sometimes a little scary to read the honest truth about communication.

"According to a widely accepted model, intimacy begins when one person expresses revealing feelings, builds when the listener responds with support and empathy and is achieved when the discloser hears these things and feels understood, validated and cared for. This is not news. It’s not even advice. Offering a married couple this model is like informing an obese person that he should eat less and move more."

"Much of the commentary on modern marriage is frankly terrifying. Miller describes “the marital ghetto” — the marital ghetto? — as “the human equivalent of a balanced aquarium, where the fish and the plants manage to live indefinitely off each other’s waste products.”

Essay written by Elizabeth Weil a contributing writer for the NYT, is working on a memoir about marriage improvement called “No Cheating, No Dying.” photo via Dewey Nicks for The New York Times

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