Tuesday, December 08, 2009

frumpy art girl

last week it hit me. I'm frumpy art-girl. No, really don't laugh, I am, or rather I've become it. I use to be chic art-girl, and a little frumpy on weekends when I didn't have to be dressed up for the office. But now that my office is exactly 23 stairs away from my bedroom, well, frumpy happens a lot more than I can tell you these days.

I use to feel like this girl, ok maybe not this awesome but I can dream right?

For instance, I've stopped straightening my hair. It's a beast of curly, frizzy and takes a long time to manage so my "do" of choice has been to leave it be, sometimes pinning it back, sometimes a bandana-as-hairdo, sometimes bed-head as hairdo. I never could understand moms who said they didn't have time to do their hair or shower but I understand now. This little business of mine is a screaming- shitting newborn, 24 hours a day. I say that like it's a bad thing, but it's... you know...you love your little wrinkily kids no matter how cone-headed they really are.

So for the past week I've been texting my friend and hairdresser saying help me! [all ugly duckling storys begin with a transformative haircut right?] I was thinking of cutting it off Audrey Tatou short but Chris, he said he likes it longer. That's another thing, before I would have just hacked it off and now I'm checking in about my hair. ugh. I don't know what's become of me.

next up red lipstick and maybe a manicure where I actually wear color. I can wear red lips to walk to the kitchen right? Maybe I'll just start with some makeup in general and go from there. So excuse me while I google "short hair for round faces" and see what comes out of it. Meanwhile, maybe I'll pop in Amelie in and enjoy the cuteness.

top image oscar de la renta pre-fall 2010 via elle news blog and here
the others I'm not sure of, if you tell me I'll credit them.


karey m. said...

your hair would look sweet like this! disheveled is cool...i'm getting mine hacked off tomorrow. so i need partners in shortness.

you in?

Richie Designs said...

I'm going this week but I'm still a chicken