Monday, December 21, 2009

merry merry

have I ever mentioned how amazing my guy is? He is super smart. I don't mean in the book way, but the life way. Don't get me wrong, right now he's probably setting a cast on a 8 year old's arm or possibly amputating a foot or a toe. he's in his orthopedic rotation currently and has done a bit of what I just said on a daily basis for the past few weeks. I might also brag that he's delivered babies and done c-sections in his last round. I couldn't do those things ever so I think that's pretty smart.

but what he's really smart at? real life. he is a man who has had his moments like all of us. The difference with him is that he sat with it for a long while and I swear to G*d got all of life's answers served to him on his yoga mat or maybe it was that time on his surfboard, I'm not sure. It's one of the reasons that I love him to my core. He knows exactly the correct thing to say [maybe not always what you want to hear] for exactly the right moment. I might also add that he has a bit of 6th sense and the biggest heart in the world. It's all of these things that make me adore him down to my last cell.

This weekend I got a pep talk as in "there is no bah-humbugs in this house at Christmas" because I have been a bah humbug and a whiner and a complainer and a cry baby if you want to know the truth. A mixture of things, most notably not having a steady income makes the holidays nerve wracking and my surgery last week that didn't change a damned thing. Saturday night he bought me a ticket to fly home to Sacramento to visit my family. I'll fly home xmas day to be with him when he gets off his 30 hr call.

And in my complaining, moping and pouting because I didn't want to fly home and be chipper or pretend or fake all of the holiday cheer, he told me step by step why I should fly home and be chipper and maybe have real holiday cheer. So I'm going Tuesday Night in hopes that the holiday spirit sets in as we fly over San Jose or Modesto and kicks in before we hit the terminal.

So there you have it, a step by step guide to holiday cheer. Lets hope it goes better than my time spent at the USPS this morning which would turn anyone into the biggest. crank. ever. because right now? not so much.

I hope that you are having visions of sugar cookies and cheer and that your holidays are filled with warm fuzzies and the good smell of a christmas tree or hanukkah bush. There. did that sound authentic? I mean it... really I do.

images via moi, real life linoleum cuts which are pretty cute if you ask me.


studio.delucca said...

and I love you.
and, you're right. your guy really IS amazing.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh man, that's so nice. He sounds like *a gem*. Just don't sweat the small stuff and make a decision to be happy when home no matter what happens:-)

karey m. said...

he's a keeper. as are you.

i like stories like this. very very much. makes my heart grow.

xoxo, you.