Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing

A couple of people have told me over the last couple of weeks that I look like I've lost weight. Although I appreciate the compliment I weigh the exact same I have for the past 5 years or so. But this morning I was feeling pretty spiffy and thought you know...things do look a little different. I say that and also should mention that this is about the time of the month that I normally want to check myself into a lap-band hospital because the rolls that appear overnight during this time threaten to suffocate me in my sleep.

What could it be? I thought on my car ride into work this morning. I barely exercise anymore. I'm lucky if I get to one yoga class a week. Maybe it's my 1/2 rule that I've been enforcing on myself [only eat half of whatever you are served or want that is bad for you or yummy- essentially everything]. It's probably the 1/2 rule I decided. I've been doing good with that lately. Especially with meals out which are horribly large these days.

And then it dons on me... IT'S THE GREEN TEA. Back in August when I had the What If situation happen I read that 3 cups of green tea lowers your chances of cancer by 30%. I decided that 3 cups of green tea I could do. I didn't give up my coffee in the AM but incorporated the green tea in throughout the day. It started out slow with one a day, then I managed to do a second in the afternoon and then a 3rd I wedged in later in the evening. I'm not a big tea person but I found a couple of them that I like. Most notably the blueberry and orange infused versions that are bottled at Trader Joe's. In the last 3 weeks or so I've been kinda crazed about it really. The tea was spilling over into my weekends [the 3 cup thing I was doing at work]. After I found the bottled stuff it was all I could do not to drink the whole liter or whatever it is at one sitting. I don't even need sweetener anymore.

So on my car ride to the office today I thought well if 3 cups did this ...what would happen with 4? I could be the size 6 I always dreamed of without going to the gym! I could be svelte for once in my life! I could have the body I always dreamed of...and this is where the too much of a good thing, is well, too much.

I drank my 4th cup of tea at 4:30 this afternoon at at 5:15 I felt like I was going to hurl all over my office. You know that feeling when you have too much coffee? yah that. I think it was too much. I had to come home and lay down for an hour and then eat the second piece of toast so that it would soak it all up.

moderation. When will I learn moderation?

Yogi Tea isn't what made me ill today, but don't you love their packaging?


karey m. said...

all the women here drink green tea.

and now you? i'm in. xoxo. and have a great turkey day!

{you're so right...weird things happen to maybe break the ice with semi-strangers...or just non-fam.}

Willy T said...


As you know I am so slow right now, waiting for client input and just was catching up on your blog. I truly love and appreciate your sense of style and vision. Keep on blogging and I will keep on reading