Friday, November 21, 2008

I forgot I was at Banana

I'm normally a black bag sort of girl. Really, I'm a black everything sort of girl but in the past year I've gotten a little crazy and well added some color and THOUGHT about adding more. whoo nelly.

I ventured into my neighborhood Banana Republic last week after many years of being just SAD about the state of their merchandise. I can tell you it's better now. In fact, I saw this bag and really forgot I was in BR. The color and shape are so rich I had a little moment about the whole thing.

I have to point out that it's shape looks so much like this woman's work, that I wonder if they'll have a lawsuit on their hands at somepoint but meanwhile go and be fabulous for less.

Robson Handbag available in three sizes $240-$160

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Megan said...

Looks just like the AH Target bags!