Monday, November 17, 2008

Smart Ads

My coworker sent me these ads today. They are for a store called Olio United in the Portland, Or area that his niece ownes. "Everything has a story - fair trade - sustainable - clothing - housewares and art that can change the world" is their motto.

Lovely, don't you think?

I love a great ad, I also love it when they break some rules getting there. It appears they are putting them up around the city in a "handbill/guerrilla marketing" campaign. The devil in me is totally excited about that part.

You can see the full campaign here which is done by Aaron James.


Who Sees the Seven said...

These are excellent! Great find!!!

Aaron James said...

Richele, thanks for linking to my work - had fun reading through your posts. Got to see Bill and Gisele this weekend - it was great. Thanks again! Aaron