Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In theory I love this

I immediately bent the corner of this page today of my Anthroplogie catalog. I always love the look of their clothes but either I'm not blonde enough, or not skinny enough, something not enough...but their clothes never seem to work live and in person on me. If it did this one would be $98 - color is lovely I might add.


karey m. said...

i'm in love with your past three or four posts.

it's the crow in me.

and don't feel bad about the black. i open my closet and drawers and it's all. black.

and i don't feel one bit bad about it. reminds me...i need another black sweater...

franki durbin said...

So funny. I agree, I think you need to be lithe and have skin so pale it almost glows from within to wear their clothing. I love the catalogue, but the shop (at least my local one) might as well scream "Earth-loving hippies only" ... for I get in and realize I'm way more buffed and polished than anything in sight. LOL!

But they completely sell me this "vision" of a more relaxed, elegant life when I receive the catalogues. So funny to see you post this.