Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For The Art Damaged Person In Your Life

If you have a fussy, picky, art-damaged person in your life that you never know what to buy for the holidays, this might be your ticket. I gotta say, this person needs to probably be a hipster surfer dude because ahhh well, they're cool but not for someone say like me. A picky, wannabe fashionista, art-damaged person.

If you're not in the creative field I'll explain briefly. Pantone is a color matching system nearly everyone that deals with some sort of color whether it be on a computer or in interior design works with. They produce these very precise, very expensive books which use to have handy pull out chips [but now I'm dating myself]. Most any corporation you know of will have a style guide that has a Pantone # to reference when printing their logo [Think FedEx]. So back to this story. Seavees teamed up with Pantone to make sneakers in a handful of the original colors that debuted in the first Pantone book in 1963. You can read the scoop from the brief below.

SeaVees, Purveyors of California Casual, has announced an exclusive collaboration with Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color. True to their inspiration, each SeaVees style is named to honor an influential date in 1960's California-cool history. With the creation of the 09/63, SeaVees celebrates the founding of Pantone, and the release of the first PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM in September 1963. For the first time in their 45 year history, Pantone has allowed an external design team into their hallowed archives. SeaVees has selected seven vintage colors from the original Pantone color guide. The palette, chosen from the only authentic guide known to exist, epitomizes the cool, casual style of California in 1963. The series production has been restricted to 1,963 pairs.

If you're interested they are $140 and apparently only available by special invitation. Oops, well here is the passwords if you need them!

Login: pantone
Password: seavees0963


Who Sees the Seven said...

I love the history behind these and OF COURSE the Pantone-infused love that inspired them. Alas, I do not have $140 to spend on sneakers but if I did 391 or 433 would sooo be on my feet!

Megan said...

Love the "tones" !