Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today I'm proud

Lately I haven't been a proud American, I've been a Canada-doesn't-sound-so-bad-sort-of-American. I'm embarrassed to say that, but I've been embarrassed by what's unfolding here in the past few years. Today, I am so proud though. Today, I went to my polling place and stood in line for 40 min. All of us were excited and happy to be there. We finally give a sh*t. We finally feel like there is a chance to make a difference.

No matter who you're voting for I think it's clear to say that we all have hope.



Petunia Face said...

Oh, I am so proud, too. And now that he has been pronounced the winner I am hopeful and happy and shining. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Megan said...

I'm really freakin' proud too, just like Susannah! I'm so happy for my country, like I never have been before!

karey m. said...

ditto. and xoxo.