Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why do men hate Sara Jessica Parker?

There is an interesting article that posted today on about Sara Jessica Parker and why men hate her so. I can vouch for this in my house, as the guy would rather stick hot needles into his eye than watch anything with her in it [mostly Sex and the City].

When I have asked him why he dislikes her so he can never give me one thing. He thinks she's just repulsive, and me being the fan of the show that I am [and her fashion sense] I don't get it at all. She's the style maven! how can you not like her?

Maxim Magazine seconds that though with the title they bestowed her a couple years ago " the unsexiest woman of the world" although when she publicly commented that it really hurt her feelings they toted her the next year as something like 'the most surprising person we like' or something similar.

I guess it will just be one of those things that men and women can't explain...we'll just agree to disagree.

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Decorno said...

Such a good question!

I just asked my better half and he said, without hesitation, "Because she's not attractive but she acts like she is."

Oy. Maybe that's why women like her. She's made the very most of her ver regular self, right?

I like SJP. I like how she plays Carrie, anyway, and I was actually enchanted by her in the movie. I think we all get so dazzled by all the female fantasies that play out on that show that we've not really bothered to notice that she's a really good actress.

I love her style. Maybe it's really Patricia Fields style, but I like SJP. She's always fun to look at.

Richie Designs said...

that's it.

we love her because she rocks what she's got.

franki durbin said...

Decorno may just be right... I'm impressed she's become an 'it' girl because I just don't think she's got a great face. But her BODY...her body is incredible. And you'd be surprised what nice legs, blond hair and lip gloss can do to a man regardless of her face.

But I will say this... Carrie...the character who cheats on Aiden is exactly the type of woman my husband hates. He hates her character so much that it transfers on to her. we may love her shoes and her lunchtime chats with friends...but the men in our life see her as that crazy chick they used to date. She's irrational with Big... crushes Aiden's heart (twice) and spends money on shoes not hr IRA.

I think we like SJP...but men hate Carrie.

Richie Designs said...

yup, she's totally the crazy chick. The one they've all dated [and I have been on occasion]

I wish I could say my guy could form an opinion about it based on watching, but I doubt he ever saw the Aiden season -which was horrible. Even I have a hard time watching her destroy him twice.