Tuesday, July 22, 2008


apple green Bamboo Cotton Throw $59

orange or dolphin blue $79 do you know how hard it is to find a proper orange throw? lordie

Loving the color of this chair Humboldt $499

This doesn't suck $2646 [free shipping] too bad the coffee table I bought from them a few years ago is such poor quality though.

This is based off of Carrie's from Sex and City...It's almost there. Cute enough for me $749 "Bradshaw"

Now THIS, this is a sofa you can sink your teeth into $3000

to go with the Sofa to sink my teeth into - I'm mean while I'm at it right? $4600 [that's really insane]


franki durbin said...

what's a few extra grand once you've bought the saucy Manhattan apartment to furnish? ;)

Jennifer said...

I am in love with that Carrie table. I have visited it more than once.