Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fashion secrets and virtual shopping sprees.

Here is my fashion secret: live by it and you too can have a "granimals" closet like me.

You can have the shittiest outfit on. Jeans and a tank top with a pair of flats and put on a cute little jacket over it and Voile' you've got yourself a spiffy little outfit.

This is my secret uniform folks. Jeans, jean skirt or something jean or black or gray or boring on the bottom. A tank top [or two if it will be solo at some point in the day] and a sweater or jacket over the top. Right now it's the JCrew Jackie sweater that I now own in 3 colors. My other secret? scarves. I have about 50. Add a little 9$ scarf from Target or H&M to the "uniform" and people think you're the fashionista genius. It's a no brainer to me but hey trick them into thinking you're brilliant.

So, I'm feeling fall-like all of a sudden. I want to wear a fabulous jacket and a smokin' hot pair of boots [which I haven't found yet]. I want to spend a lot of money too while I'm at it [as long as I'm wishing]. So while I'm waiting for the man to get off work I thought I would partake in a bit of a virtual shopping spree. Where else darrrrrrrllllllingsssss? Net-A-Porter. If you're going to dream, dream big.

Christian Louboutin Tortoise flats LOVE em. $545

Rick Owens Wool and leather coat $1920 check out the louboutin boots they have paired with it. Make my back hurt just looking at them but damn! Funny enough I have a yummy black nubby coat with this same collar I got from H&M for 80 bucks or something.

RM by Roland Mouret crepe dress $2710 check out the red zipper and ruffle on the back. Yummy! Sadly, I haven't found this at H&M but then again I'd have to lose 25lbs to consider wearing it anyway.

Paul & Joe Swing Coat $490 I also own this shape coat from H&M that I got for $60 or something silly like that.

Here is my last pearl of fashion wisdom for you...Look for classic shapes in rich colors and you can get away with inexpensive clothing. Beware though, you can [sometimes] wear cheap clothes if you can find a good shape item, but you have to have a good bag or a good pair of shoes. Cheap shoes... will give you away every time.

Go forth, shop and be stylish darlings.

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Jakthong said...

I want the shoes and I want them Right Now!