Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mercado, Silverlake CA

3517 Sunset Blvd
Silverlake, CA 90026

My longtime friend and one of the most creative people I know, Chelsea Iovino and her partner Michelle Weaver opened their pride and joy earlier this summer. I finally had the opportunity to swing by this weekend to check out their gear. Amazing!

Chelsea has had a mutli-creative career doing everything from art direction with float building which were featured in the Rose Bowl Parade [among others] to having been a buyer for such notables as American Rag, Uncle Jers, MOMA and has also worked as a stylist for print, commercials as well as having worked with notable pop icons. When she sent me an email a year and a half ago saying she was finally going to open her own store I knew it would be spectacular. Her partner Michelle also an amazing creative, has built sets and has worked in editorial styling as well. Between the two of them, they've got more talent and style than probably the whole of my readership put together [sorry guys].

I went to visit them at the shop before they began construction to get a preview of what was in store for them- wowza they had some work to do. But in their stylie ways they gutted the store ripped down the horrible ceiling and carpet and got it spiffied up.



They have been shopping the world for the past couple years in prep for their store opening. Some things from South America, as well as Paris and New York. They industry mags are loving them as well. Look out for blubs in Elle decor and Lucky Magazine [Jan 09].

Of course...Don't miss Noodles the Poodle [think that's his name:)

photo credit bottom 2 photos Gregory Han from Apartment Therapy review

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