Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tricking the tooth fairy

I go visit Karey over at Mackin Ink most every day to read her funny tales of the adventures she has with her little girls. For some reason today I was reminded about a funny story when I was little. It sort of says a lot about me as a creative person and someone who has always tried to make her own money no matter where it came from.

So I began losing my teeth probably around 6 or so? Whenever the age that it happens. And I got 50 WHOLE CENTS FOR A DAMN TOOTH! Can you imagine? 50 cents FREE just for loosing a tooth. I was amazed. I didn't know where he or she came from but I just thought it was brilliant. So daily, I would check my teeth, hoping for another one to fall out and when it didn't seem like I was going to have any fall out any time soon I thought I would devise a plan.

I NEED TO GET MORE TEETH. More teeth equals more money and I'll be rich!

Oh no, I hear you saying. Oh gawd, what is she going to do right now? pull one out from her baby brother? Pull out the pliers on herself? Don't worry it's nothing like that.

So I was standing in the kitchen one day and noticed the jar of popcorn. Remember when popcorn didn't come in a microwave bag? Like individual kernels that you put into the popcorn popper? Those.

It was nearly perfect. Almost the exact shape of a tooth, except the tooth fairy would know it's not a tooth because it was yellow and I needed to make it white. Imagine, there was potentially 1000 kernels of corn to trick the tooth fairy with. It was brilliant, I was brilliant. I was going to be RICH!

So how to get it to white? I remembered the jar of stuff dad uses with the typewriter. Remember those? and carbon paper? good lord I'm old.

So off to find the white out. I go into the kitchen and find mom. I mean, I can't reach the popcorn, now can I.

Me • Mom, can I have some popcorn?
Mom • What for?
Me• I have this brilliant plan, I'm going to trick the tooth fairy and I'm going to be rich!
Mom • Trying not to laugh. Oh, really?
Me• Yah, I'm going to paint them all white and put them under my pillow.
Mom• Well you know...the tooth fairy will know they're not real.
Me• No, it will be great, it will look perfect!

So, she sits me at the kitchen table with the white-out and the corn and lets me go at it. But, I can't figure out how to hold the kernel and paint all of the sides without it rubbing off. In the end I had the white out all over me but none on the corn by the time I gave up.

Mom never blew the dream she just let me work it out. Can you imagine though if I figured out how to paint them? going to bed with a 1,000 kernels of corn. Now, that would have been interesting.

images from the super cute esty shop called Amy Jo's Handmade Shop


SGM said...

what an entrepreneur! Sweet, sweet story.

karey m. said...

i love your mom...and the smart little girl you were! this is a great story...

i suwannee said...


thanks for commenting on my blog!

the posters are just for fun -- i have access to a screenprinting press, which i print t-shirts on for my job.

good luck with your letterpress! i'd love to know how it works out =)