Thursday, July 17, 2008

The itchy and scratchy show

It's always something.

Especially with me, the high-maintenance medical woman. I was feeling all chipper and good since they figured out what was up with my kidney and then the removal of the "helper" item on Monday didn't go so well. The pain returned and I was allergic to the skin prep solution they used. And like always with the medical company starting with a "k' and ending with an "eiser" they don't know what the f*ck to do with a medical situation outside of a scheduled procedure. If you are a healthy person who needs to see a doctor once a year for a scheduled appt, or a scheduled surgery or a visit to the emergency room followed by a admittance to the hospital they are wonderful. God forbid you need to speak to someone, talk to a doctor or get anyone to call you back. Call me demanding I suppose but I am a person who needs calls back, like within 48 hrs, not 4 days when it involves something like my kidney.

So yesterday I made a decision that turned everyone upside down. I drove to my doctor's and showed up without an appointment and said I wasn't leaving till they saw me, or located my doctor, because I knew he was there. One of the people who did answer the phone, on one of my calls told me he was there till 7pm. I am my own "action figure" as they want me to be. I'm Wonder Woman bitches- get out of my way.

They didn't know what to do. Phones were held, whispers were made and then they let me in, all the while everyone knew I was the one making the fuss in the front.

As my boyfriend said "well, it's not a popularity contest it's your kidney". EXACTLY.

The thing I can say about their system is that their doctors are checked often. I get anonymous rating sheets frequently, and I would guess by the response I got in the office as well as the apologies, that there are bonuses based on these anonymous sheets. I'm not afraid to use them and have been known to file a complaint if need be [The ER doctor that gave me serious attitude when we questioned her approach, the one that said "sometimes our bodies just hurt" as an explanation for my pain after I had been barfing in a bucket and at a level 10 pain...] Yah, she won't be going to Hawaii on me any time soon.

So anyway, I'm a alive, on Benadryl and waiting more tests. Hopefully I'll have something design related and positive to say in the next couple days. Right now I'm still pissed about the whole process, but then again this isn't my first time with them or their way.

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