Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip down memory lane

If you're a fan of Melisa over at LiL Bee you'll know she's about ready to pop. She has some guest writers going on till Ms. Thang decides to join us, the first being the hilarious SGM. Her story is super cute about days with John Boy and the Waltons. While I was reading I remembered Emergency. Remember the hottie side kick? John Gage right? Wasn't that his name? Man, I had an 9 year old thing for him.

This is all resume what you were doing.


SGM said...

Oh my God, YES! I haven't thought of that show in years. I loved Johnny too!

(Did you see the episode where the little boy got hit on the side of the head with a baseball and everyone thought he was fine and then HE DIED? I have so much tv-induced trauma!)

karey m. said...


{loved her post, didn't you?}

Richie Designs said...

gotta love a hot, bad boy-fireman-paramedic...please save me!!!

SGM, girl you gotta get over the TV induced trauma! wowza ;)