Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello darlings

I did not take my camera with me on this trip. I had 300 lbs of luggage and knowing we were going to have to schelp them up a 5 floor walk up my camera seemed the most reasonable thing to leave behind. I mean really? I could not have left behind one of 5 coats I took, or perhaps one of 8 pairs of shoes for my 4 day journey. That would have been RIDICULOUS. So here are some camera phone pics to show you my fair city that I love so much.

How I love cabs. It was raining when April and I got there. The perfect vantage point of watching the city is in a cab.

Sunday and Monday were like this. Sunny, crisp and deceitful. They bring weather in like this, just for me, tempting me to move to the great city. For the record, just a few months to live there is all I would need. preferrably, April, May, June but whatevs.

We met the most interesting people, or rather I did as most of them were friends of the people I was with. Michele Mitchell, Journalist and author was just one. She filled us up with Champagne at her amazing Soho loft and then we went around the corner to Bubble Bar for more. I was bubbled out. I drank more that night then I probably have all year. We did not drink this Pol Roger it was a prop at the bar. I happened to be drunk facebooking from the bar and took this photo. The next day my friend April who knows her stuff with food and wine saw my post and said "omg we weren't drinking Pol Roger were we?" Apparently it's lovely and very pricey.

The photo I was not suppose to take inside of the theater [I didn't know it at the time] Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon. It was beyond lovely. If you're in NYC I think you should go. [The woman that played Rosanne's Sister I can't think of her name is the big name in the play but all of the actors were just fantastic]

The opening party as I mentioned was at Tavern On The Green. Have you been? It's bizarre to say the least. And my whole SJP thing? well, that didn't happen they weren't there. Instead, we got Joan Rivers who matched the weird decor much better. She's looks amazingly normal in person [for someone pulled tighter than a drum].

The girls all dolled up. Me, Finnerty Steeves [you'll be hearing more about her very soon], and April my best buddie. We look pretty snazzy.

And our last day...rainy perfect NYC. I love that city.

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