Wednesday, October 07, 2009

music trippin'

I've been printing A LOT for a client recently, why I've been absent here from class. It's solitary sometimes, sometimes good thinking time but mostly it's ipod time. I'm an obsessive music person, or is it lazy? I'm not sure. I have the habit of finding a cd that I love and listening to it and maybe three others over and over for months on end. And though they get changed out every six months or so there are solid cd's / albums, whatever we're calling them now, that I've listened to for a couple of years.

Teddy Thompson, [son of Richard Thompson and corrected Linda Thompson's who sings on the album, if you're a music person]. Got attached to the Peruvian that I dated on and off for over a year that I nicknamed Mr. Big. He was way too much like the character from SATC.

when this happens, and I'm sure it's not just me, but it gets attached to a person or a series of events that I was going through at the time of my music obsession. I guess I knew this about myself but not to the extent that I paid attention to it over this past week [I should know better as R.E.M and Pearl Jam make me want to hurl thanks to the ex-husband].

I clicked on some oldies and as soon as the first track began I would think of the person attached. It's weird to me to have this visceral experience with music, scents and even the change of light [seasons] that will bring back memories of someone.

John Mayer's first CD got attached to the photographer I lived with. This was at the beginning of our relationship = happy memories which I love that I can remember.

Granted, a lot of the albums I listened too this past week were connected with men I dated [not all! but this is more fun], or lusted after and dumped me, or never liked me and I chased. They're not the sappy love song sort of connections though, just good music that got attached to them by accident so here's a flashback of my past few days in the studio and my spotty romantic past.

Lenny Kravitz's first brilliant album got attached to my on and off again college guy. He's still a good friend of mine [and his wife] we got past all the romance crap.

Rachael Yamagata which is still in current rotation and why it's attached to my greatest love, Chris.


Anonymous said...

Teddy is Linda Thompson's son.

Richie Designs said...

corrected, thanks I was thinking of something else when I wrote