Monday, October 05, 2009

My Friend Mark

It's horrible, I don't think I've ever told you about Mark Sasway? I don't know why, maybe he hasn't had a website for very long, maybe I just didn't think about it. I don't know why forgive me. Wait, have I and I've already forgotten? This too is possible, because I'm losing my mind as we speak if I haven't told you till now.

Mark is a talented illustrator that I worked with at the office when I went to one and like most everyone in advertising has a hobby/career outside of those office walls. Mark took some of his paintings and had Giclee prints made this year as part of an solo show he had. It makes art so much more affordable that way.

You should check out his full site here. I think he should have an Etsy store don't you think? We might need a buy it now feature.

This motel sign...I didn't see this at the show but is now on the short list of favorites. Because I have this neon obsession if I haven't mentioned.

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karey m. said...

uhhh. yeah. anyone who makes stuff like that should have an etsy shop.