Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Please imagine...
That you're traveling to NYC in 2 weeks time. A last minute trip with a free plane flight [flyer miles] and a free place to stay [friend] great hu?

Now imagine that you're traveling to NYC in 2 weeks time to support your dear friend who's play is opening on Broadway [her very first I might add]. Imagine being invited to go with her to the opening night's party.

Now Imagine this play's lead actor is Matthew Broderick. Imagine Matthew Broderick attending such party with his lovely wife seen here below. The patron saint of style.

Now imagine traveling to NYC to attend the play and the opening party that said patron saint may-or-may not be attending and realizing that potentially everything in your closet that you've purchased this summer is from Target. I might also have you imagine that you've gained oh 6lbs. so that your normal clothes are beginning to resemble a sausage casing on you.

And now you're in my head. Thanks for playing.

1 comment:

Jennifer Lee said...

I'm back! :)

6lbs = sausage casing is a little extreme. I hope you enjoyed the play.