Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A "T & a J"

NYC fashion week is in full swing. Two favs of mine had shows yesterday [posted on Style.com] should you
want to see all the shows the day after.

Barbara Tfank and J. Mendel

Barbara is the queen of the 50's-60's housewife. LOVE

perfect navy dress. cute red flat would be nice too.

Cute print and I hate prints normally. This one is just subtle enough.

And this darling, is nothing I would ever wear but she needs a cocktail and a ciggy in her hand if you ask me.

J. Mendel

this little shirred fur. I DIE [and I might be over that saying too]

This was my fav though the spilling of the fluff down the front? so pretty

The white. I think the fluff needs to come over the shoulder or something but it's really pretty.

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