Thursday, September 24, 2009

His Holiness is exactly 3 blocks from my house

I can't swear to it but when he's been in town previously His Holiness the Dalai Lama has stayed at a monastery that is oh three blocks from my house.

I'm not Buddhist, I'm not anything really, but I believe in his teachings of love and I'm kinda jazzed he's so close to me. I stopped by tonight to see if there was a morning meditation open to the public [in hopes of seeing him] but there's not. I am already booked during the times he's speaking tomorrow and Saturday which I'm very sad about.

So, I'm pondering a 5am stalking of the small building down the street. I don't know what time they rise for the days meditation It's probably 3:30 but 5 sounded like a good compromise to me. Even if I sat outside maybe a chant would come through the walls.

What will really happen at 5am? My alarm will go off, I'll turn it off, realize it's still dark and go back to sleep. or maybe...

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