Monday, September 07, 2009

Etsy Love

Since I'm working with a couple of brides right now I thought I would log onto Etsy as one of them tonight to see what's out there in the world to choose from. I gotta say there is a lot, and a lot of crap too. Here are a couple of cuties though that I would dig should I ever [again]

have you heard of the Steam Punk movement? it's a whole "thing/subculture" these cuff links are super cool and groovie for your guy even if you're not decked head to toe. $95

cake toppers $35 Bride and Groom can be specified color and details [or groom and groom]

Belle Etoile Necklace by Mercury Jane$92 not completely sold on this but it's pretty cute

set of three hankies $18
This would be a necessity for Chris and I. He carries a hankie all the time for his allergies and I would need one to cry into.

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