Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Some music to go with your cookie treat

I'm listening to the radio right now and one of my favorites just came on do you know Astor Piazzolla? The yummiest merge of Tango and French music ever.

I took tango lessons a number of years ago. It was so much fun. It was even more fun to dance with the instructor when he was demo-ing something. When a man leads you well in dancing it makes you feel like a million bucks. Did you know that Tango's rule of thumb is that it's the man's job to make you look better than him? If he can lead you there that is and you're not trying to lead him. It is really a lesson in letting go.

It's also considered a compliment [in a milonga=place to dance tango] if an older gentleman asks you to dance. It means he's seen you and your expertise is on par with his. It's proper not to talk while dancing as well. You are not there to pick up on the person, you are only there to dance it is reverence to the dance I was told. I love those weird little social rules.

One day I hope to get back to lessons. When I stopped dating the Peruvian years ago, I lost my willing dance partner. American men are afraid of it I think. Maybe if I ask Chris to do it one year for my birthday he'll buckle ;)

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