Sunday, September 13, 2009


Some how this is my 746th posting. I don't know how this happened. I don't know why I started this blog but to say that I was doing a lot of research at the time four years ago and watching a lot of Sex and the City. I can do that I thought. Why I thought this is a mystery to me. I have never been a writer or a good speller or anyone who didn't cheat her way through English Comp. Don't ask me how I did that either, I'm not so sure myself. But none of it never made sense to me. Where to put a comma? Where to put a semicolon? I dunno lets just put some ... in and people will get the point.

You may have noticed that I added the "linked in" blog-dealio a couple weeks ago. I did it to challenge my non-programming self. My hands get sweaty just thinking of adding code into this blog. I hate it. Like I hate numbers. Which by the way I had to add on my fingers this morning in bed and Chris said to me "did you just add on your fingers?" why yes, didn't you know that about me? I can't add unless on my fingers? and if I feel too shy about adding on my fingers I tap on my paper to make it look like a dice. REALLY I'm not kidding here. The number 5 in my head looks like the 5 on a dice. I. CAN.ONLY. THINK. IN. PICTURES.

Where was I... who knows. Writing for 4 years, here doing I don't know what. A journal some days, a design blog the next, it never makes sense to me either really. But the little linked in thing has given me a chance to revisit some of my posts with all the grammar issues +. It's been kinda neat for me. I know that no one else probably uses it but this blog has never been about anyone else [I think I have about 50 readers half being my family]. It's been my venture into living out loud. I didn't do that very well until a few years ago. It took me 36 or 37 years to get set in my shoes.

So happy #746 maybe there will be 700 more or maybe one day I'll just live really out loud and won't need to say it here.

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