Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not Shepard

it's a bird, it's a's not Shepard Fairey

If you're a fan of the propaganda poster, you might like this.

via>Adweek Blog
You have to like Red Tettemer. Not only is the Philadelphia agency sticking with summer Fridays during these lean times, it's enforcing the tradition with obscenities, threats of violence and accusations of bestiality. If you're a "Frienemy" who works past 1 p.m. on Fridays this summer, these posters will remind you that 1) you're no better than a "shithead"; 2) you deserve "blows to the groin" ("Not good blows. Hard punches"); and 3) you're probably just staying late "to molest Woodbine," the agency cat. Do any other agencies even have summer Fridays anymore?

In case you didn't know, most ad agencies have a 1/2 day summer policy on Fridays. I, might add have never worked in such a shop. And to be honest, our work load in the summer was the heaviest so, the folks on our accounts [other agencies that do have the policy] didn't really get to take advantage of it either. Imagine...a 2.5 day weekend....

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Anonymous said...

HA. This made my day. I got laid off from an agency (the day I got back from my wedding, a few months ago) that had summer Fridays but also made you feel really guilty if you took them. Obvi. Now I'm working at a tiny shop that doesn't have them. I'm almost relieved because of the inevitable drama that came along with it.
p.s. poor Woodbine.

-Carey over @ Corks and Caftans