Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm losing my mind

My relationship with all of you has begun to transform into storyland just like with my sweetheart. I often tell a story to him these days and I finish and he says to me, you've told me that story three times.

really? "umm humm", he says.

I search my pea-brain for memories of sitting in the car or over dinner when I told him that, and nothing. So, I continue to repeat. He tells me things, important things like when his school will be over and I blank them out completely. One of our only fights has been over that. I thought he would be finished a year before he actually would. He swears on his mothers life that we had a full blown conversation regarding the dates. I. don't. remember. it. at. all.

He says our relationship has survived this long because I ignore his blabber but really...I mean, I'm forgetting important life-stuff here. It's a little concerning if you ask me. Hell, I'm only 40 what's going to happen when I'm 75? I'll be in my own happy little la-la land I suppose.

So today I was going to post about this location here in LA called the Smog Shoppe. In case any of you are having an event this summer. But, I couldn't remember if I had already told you about it, so I had to search my own site to see if you too would say, "ummm you already told us about that". This is it kids, I will forget that important date you mentioned soon enough. La-La Land is creeping in.

So here it is, passed on by a potential client [letterpress was too pricey for her] but the wedding site is AMAZING. Total cool- funky with a twist of classic so check it out.

and for gawd sake don't leave a comment - I won't remember anyway.

The Smog Shoppe
"LA's greenest oasis"
Culver City

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