Tuesday, March 31, 2009

think good thoughts

Some people may aspire to win one of these [a Clio is the Academy Award of advertising] and I'm sure it would be nice. I'll take one if it works out that way. Right now I'm more concerned about keeping my job.

I love my job which sounds sort of odd but I love the people I work with [on occasion we have off days like anyone], I love the work we produce, I love most all of what I do. Some people will [and have said] that the work we do is small, that it's the bastard stepchild of what really happens in our industry but it doesn't matter to me. I still like our little brochures. I like paper if you didn't know.

Our biggest account is up for review as I've mentioned. Our presentation is on Thursday and Friday. If you might, put a little thought out into the world for me/us sending design mojo and good luck our way. We have some lovely work, I'm really excited for our clients to see it. I think they will agree. But if you could, still.... think that little thought, I would be so appreciative.



sylee7@gmail.com said...

Hey Richele! Good luck to you and your group this week. I work for one of the "big guys" in advertising and its equally tough these days. Here's to doing good work, finding clients who appreciate it, and getting paid to do what we love! :)

Richie Designs said...

yes! ;)