Monday, March 30, 2009

I have Turrets and other ways I'm paving my way to hell

I think I might be losing it. This was me this morning. I went to work without brushing my hair. It looked fine in a pony tail, it's just weird to think I didn't brush my hair.

Do you ever have those days where you think, oh jeez I totally did it today? There's no going back after this.

I traveled 100 miles between the hours of about 11:00 and about 2:30 today. I hit every corner of Los Angeles that there is because I couldn't read a straight line on my mapquest print out. I got myself lost, oh, maybe 3 times before I got to my destination. It's difficult to read and drive I might say in my defense but I was so pissed at myself. I finally get to the place I'm to be and it's in a dirty, skeezy basement, of a dirty, skeezy office building. After they had told me in broken English that yes, they were in fact a storefront. I might mention the lovely security guard who after waiting patiently for 2 minutes in front of her, I had to interrupt her very important text messaging that was occurring. Lets say that she and I were equally annoyed.

Did I also mention that I'm there to pick up the only roll of very special paper in all of Los Angeles? And also, that it happens to be for the pitch to save our jobs that happens on Thursday? Um...yah, it might be important to know this fact before I tell you what happened next.

skeezy basement. Me, totally annoyed and disgusted, irritated from getting lost, and hungry I might add.
girl: yes?
me: I have an order of paper I'm to pick up, I called a little bit ago they said they were going to put it on hold.
girl: I don't know about paper.
me: already annoyed, well, I just called an hour ago.
girl: do you know who it was?
me: a guy
girl: Asking the 3 men in the room. All look at me completely retarded.... no, we not know of paper on hold.
and this is where I lost it
them: talk amongst themselves I'm sure saying this woman is a f*ing bitch don't help her. I continue to wait more while they all continue to take calls and not help me - growning more and more irritated.
me: can someone, ANYONE look for this code number? Finally a woman in the corner asks me for it but we're having a hard time communicating she looks at the number I have written down and goes off. 2 min, 5 min, 8 min...I'm out of my mind.

me: thinking... OMG they don't have it. This piece of shit totally lied to me I'm going to freak out right now.
girl: one roll.
me: yes, [relieved] the one roll. He said you only had one? hoping for two.
girl: one roll. [ok, obviously we're not communicating here]
girl: this is price. She points to her paper
me: the guy on the phone said this though I point to my book
girl: you paying cash or credit card?
me: credit card
girl: we charge 3% on credit card
me: boiling know that's illegal right? Me throwing up my hands...You know what... whatever just charge the f*ing thing.
I'm a total scene at this point
girl: she says something to the guy ahead of her [probably like this woman is such a whore, you totally owe me lunch]

but you know what? she came back without the 3% on the bill and I got my paper.

I was much better once I crammed in a burrito in at 3pm. Isn't it amazing how food can change your outlook and add in some regret? I was so horrible today. I think I have Turrets. I think something is wrong with me.

I hope it's just stress. I don't like this side of me it's not very Richie-Like at all. I miss the old me. The nice, sweet me.

images by the funny Flickr person Dadadreams

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