Monday, March 09, 2009

Hello pt 2

So this project that I told you I could tell you about finally? No such luck. It has a funny story behind it though.

I sent my package via messenger on Friday to my client, who by the way... doesn't know they're my client [this project was completely on spec/ they have no idea that I've been working on it]. These folks work in fashion [I know you're surprised by this right?] and I thought they would be back and working after the NY shows that happened the second week of Feb.

I get a messenger call at lunch: no one is here to deliver the package, but the security person says he can sign for it do you want me to leave it? uh, yes...uh ok.

Fast forward 2 hours and this is what I'm thinking about:
This stationery project that has taken me three months to complete? I just know the security guy has his soda sitting on top of it, he's thrown it in a closet or worse. I can't stop thinking about it. I want to cry. So at 5pm in Los Angeles traffic I drive like a bullet to downtown LA.

The security guy is there, he has no idea what package I'm talking about. OMG OMG OMG. Did you work this afternoon about 1pm? No? Ok... can you check to see if it is behind the desk? Nowhere to be found, not in a closet. OK was it sent upstairs? He calls upstairs, no answer. He calls a second number and in his broken english begins to say that "there is woman here, she says she here to pick up a package, but I no see anything."

NO, NO, NO....I say... I dropped a package off for them. Ask them if they already received it. He tries to tell her this and then just hands me the phone.

Me: Calming my voice down "I'm so sorry to bother you. I just wanted to check on a package that was messengered over did you receive it?
Her: sweetest voice ever..."oh well, actually we're not there right now, we're in Paris we won't be back till next week"
Her: still the sweetest voice EVER..." The management holds on to everything for us though in the main office - so it should be fine.
Me: "yes, wonderful" as I stare at a roll of fabric shipped late in the afternoon sitting behind the desk set to go up to that main office - of course, why would I expect that they didn't have a secure holding area for them?
Her: "Would you like us to call you when we get back to let you know we've received it?"
Me: "Oh, um...well... it's a gift, so it would be lovely if you did, but if you don't I totally understand"
Her: Seriously sweet I mean what time is it in Paris right now? "Ok, great is your contact information in it?"
Me: "Yes"
Her: Wonderful, ok then.
Me: Thank you so much.

And that is the story of why you won't be seeing it just yet. Girlfriends have to get back from Paris because had I been THINKING...I would have known this.

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Kit Kat Talks said...

such a sweet story! love the design, so sorry they didn't see it that way. just found your blog linking from one to another. that is something i would do so i completely understand your logic! i do the same sometimes with photography, but love graphic design as well. just wish i could do it!
your shoe invite was very clever and loved the embossed graphics! all the best! Katherine Robertson