Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is it just me or do these people freak you out?

18 and you watch this ever? I have switched it off a number of times because it's just so incredibly freaky to me to have 18 kids but It's like a train wreck I can't look away from. I suppose it could be said that there is a lot to be learned by this family and watching them, their structure, their morals. But I can't get past some things, lets discuss:

Dad's name is Jim-Bob. Not Jim or Bob but Jim-Bob it seems like it's just inviting your teeth to fall out don't you think?

All of the kids names start with the letter J. My mom's family all has their names starting with L, so it's not that odd to me but 18 of them? That's just a lot of pressure to get through the J section. That last kid, man... bottom of the barrel.

Let's talk hair. Mom has the longest mullet I've ever seen : The girls all have matching hair. Not sure if there is a religious thing behind this but I think the Discovery Channel Producers should host an episode donating all their hair to Locks of Love. [if it won't send them to hell of course]

The girls all wear skirts to their ankles, even when "learning to change oil in the car" I know it's a religious thing but still, I wanted to make note of this.

The eldest just got married [21] to another home-schooled girl [20] that I think he had met 3 times or something. Their promise to each other? not to save sex for marriage but even their first kiss until they were pronounced man and wife. Good lord...can you imagine unleashing all of that on one night? I watched that episode, the wedding episode. Dad gave son a pep talk and a video to watch. I was disturbed. Hey, hats off to them, I guess? I hope if I ever have son or daughter that they test the machinery out first.

In case you would like to know more The Duggars have their own website, and it's optimized. They show up number one, even over the Discovery show title on my google search. hummm interesting. This is not their first time at this rodeo kids.

But here's the odd as it all is? The kids are all exceptionally behaved, are all leading productive lives and all have independent goals they're working toward. More than a lot of families can say these days about their kids. Perhaps prairie skirts are the answer...I just couldn't do it.

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Angeleen said...

Yes, well, you know... I can't even imagine having more than two, so that whole thing really does blow me away... the sheer logistics of it all!

The ENERGY the mom must have! The Good Lord would have to to some major work on me to handle even ONE more little person...

As for the hair thing... I believe I heard that it's not a religious thing, it's just the "Daddy likes long hair" so they keep it long.

You're right, though... I don't feel like I can be too judgmental about how they're "doing life" when all the kids seem to be really HAPPY, well adjusted, healthy, independent thinkers AND Jim-Bob (Yes, his name truly creeps me out more than anything else) is able to feed, house, clothe and LOVE them all. He's an involved dad... 18 times over. THAT is something worth noting.

Me? I'll stick with my two little chicks and only homeschool the one. That's a plate-full for me! :)