Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I would totally wear this

Bravo recaps are normally left to SGM but I have to put my two cents in on the Wedding Dress Semi Finals tonight on Bravo's Project Runway. Though I don't care for her personality, Kenley's wedding dress was right up my alley including the little hat. 50's inspired so cute. I looked all over for a better photo but this was all I could find. Dress had feathers covering the bodice and dress was tea length with a big tulle underlay. One of these days I'll get my second chance at wearing one of these things wink, wink.


SGM said...

So cute! I'm sad for Jerrell, though.

icouldkillher said...

I could so see you in this dress but...I HATE Kenley! She's so mean and bitchy. But my god would you look stunningly adorable in the dress. Not to be rude, but are Nathan and I going to get invites? We will be appropriate - I swear!


Mommy E

Richie Designs said...

yes, Kenley is horrible I agree but I do love her designs.

you guys would be a hoot at the wedding. It's a few years off considering the guy is still in school. I'll be 90 by the time it happens and will need to switch to a moo-moo and orthopedic shoes