Thursday, October 09, 2008

Frivolous Stuff To Distract You From Chicken Little

I'm so glad I get this magazine this is going to be awesome. Did I happen to mention that now I'm officially jealous of Brad Pitt? No, not for sleeping with her all though if I batted for that camp that would be a reason to. Now, he has shot the cover of a notable fashion magazine along with designing with Frank Gehry of Disney Hall and Bilbao Fame, designed jewelry with his ex, art directed a fashion spread [also with W magazine], not to shabby of an actor and while we're at it rich. Whatevers....

How lovely is this high wasted denim pencil skirt?

These boots from Juicy [which I normally don't care for] are lovely at $498 are 1/2 of the price of of the other pair I picked up by Costume Nationale at Bloomingdale's when I was walking through the other day. The sales guy tried to tell me that if I opened a bloomies card I would get 15% off. 15% off of $948 is a steal don't you think? So, if I settled for these Juicy would I be saving myself some money!

W Mag Photo Credit...obviously, Perez Hilton

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karey m. said...

you've been in SUCH a good and stylish mood since your girls' weekend!


because all i am is stopped up by my. excruciatingly. painfully. decrepid. internet connection.

i can't even comment on sgm. boo.

you're so worth the fifteen minutes it took for this comment form to pull up. that's all. xoxo.