Thursday, October 02, 2008

For The Love of Coffee

My best friend emailed me this afternoon, confessing her stress eating to me along with her stress induced problem. Women and stress, I'm not sure why it is that food makes us feel better but it does, so does shopping, or eating and shopping if you're really in a dilly. But we all know that walking while eating doesn't really count, I mean please? hello, BURNING calories!

I start each morning so positive it's going to be healthy and low calorie. Today was no exception, I even took it one step further as I'm considering taking my beloved morning coffee off the menu. I had the stomach flu the past couple days and coffee didn't sound very appetizing so I had already been off for two days so I thought will be great, I'm already past the headache thing, today will be tea!

This was my response to her email...

That's ok, I just consumed about 900 calories at lunch today including ice cream and cookies. I tried not to have a coffee this morning in an effort on "being more healthy"... and got a headache. Took some advil. Then cramps started so I took 2 more. Then I had a panic attack, so I took my stress medicine, which then made me sleepy because I hadn't had any coffee. and then I was hungry because I hadn't had any caffeine. And I tried just to eat a little snack bar but by the time I made it to the market for lunch I bought everything in site and ate till I was full.

gawd I hate when I do that.

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