Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can recommend...Anya Hindmarch collection at Target

Forgive me I'm a bit obsessed. I have wanted an Anya bag for the past 2 years now. Since they start at about $1000 I never have gone down that road. Target heard my call of love though and booked her. Yes, I'm one of the crazies that went Sunday morning to see them. Sadly, my local ghetto target workers were hungover from a Saturday night binge and decided she told me "to pull them out in the afternoon". "But! but! ... I came here this morning just for the bags!" She could have given one rats ass what I came there for. I went back Monday night.

I really, really loved the Large Python Shoulder bagbut I was a bit nervous I would actually fill it. It's hot! $49.99 You could put a small child in it if need be. I ended up with the medium size.

May also get the clutch. because you never know when you'll need a nice clutch right? $19.99

But I am also really loving the navy and black one. $29.99

Perhaps one a week...you know to get the whole collection? It's a sickness, really you can say it.


Megan said...

I first read this, what, a day or two ago, and I've had ants in my pants ever since. I'm hitting the place up tonight and I really hope the clutch will be in my clutches by 8pm. Thanks for the tipoff!

Megan said...

BOO! Went, and the black was gone, gonna have to troll some other Targets...