Friday, October 03, 2008

Comfort and Support

I think I might need to unplug for a while. The news may be getting to me. I'm nervous, a little scared, just a bit on edge. I don't know why except to say all of it IS A LOT. The stock market, the campaign, the insanity of all of it. CNN has done their job, I'm officially nervous, that's exactly what they wanted to do to us...spread this fear.

I was talking with a small shop owner recently here in town and she says things are bad for her, very bad. I've been thinking about that a bit, that I've decided to support my local business people rather than shop online or go to the mall in the next few months. Especially this holiday season. The little guys need the most help. If you have the chance to support a local store with the purchase of a small gift or greeting card do so rather than just picking one up at Target. It will help.

While having my big thoughts this Friday, I heard this song Society by Eddie Vedder from the Into the Wild Soundtrack. Though I will confess that my ego always wants more, some days it's too much, or when I'm lucky, it's just enough.

Some of the lyrics:
It's a mystery to me
we have a greed
with which we have agreed

You think you have to want
more than you need
until you have it all you won't be free

I think we need to generate our own comfort and support for the next bit of time. We can't expect anyone else to provide it for us these days now can we.

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karey m. said...

exactly. xoxo.