Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thumbs up on Sonia Kashuk at Target

I almost forgot to pass on this recommend to all of you!

I don't wear a lot of eye make up because with nearly black hair and fair skin I feel like I've already got a whole lotta somethin' going on. I tend to wear neutrals during the day and a little color at night.

I bought this on a total fluke at Target a few weeks ago$12.99 and it's close to the most perfect day eye shadow combo I've ever found. I expected the quality of it to be cheap, crease and all those things that go along with bad eye shadow [I was testing it for a project I have in mind]. To my surprise, the quality was great [better than my Mac stuff] and although all the colors looked metallic they weren't too glittery [just a tiny bit] for day wear.

It's hard to tell from the photo but there is a shadow base/concealer on the right which is awesome, next to it are 6 neutrals: 2 skin color [one medium tone, one light], a pale pink, a silvery gray, white and a taupe. Somehow I manage to put on about 4-5 of them each morning [white on the brow bone and corner of your eyes make everything brighten up!] and look like my most perfect "natural" self. We all know that "natural" takes some effort.

There is also one that ranges a little darker, browns and neutrals. I would say the lighter one would work with light to medium tones. Anything darker and I would go with this set.

I also bought a shadow brush that I've also been pleasantly surprised by. I'm really impressed with all of it really!

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