Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some Things Of Note From The fashion Scene Today...

Fashion Week Daily is reporting about next month's Harper's Bazaar issue featuring notable eating disorder poster child and stylist to the stars Rachael Zoe, that the magazine "padded" from a size 0 to a size 8 to slum with the rest of us.

Apparently she liked it but I imagine not enough to actually eat. “As soon as I had curves, I was like, I want to stick my butt out, show my cleavage. I immediately felt sexy,” Zoe told the magazine.

The question FWD poses is ...she doesn't look like she beefed up much. HB's idea of a size 8 and the real deal is quite different.

via Fashionista > Fashion Week Daily

#2 Rent-a- Kelly

Because I know all of my readers are still on the list for your Hermes Kelly Bag. I don't want you to go with out. Bag Borrow or Steal, the brilliant site that you can rent the bag you can't afford, is offering, if you didn't know, the opportunity to rent a vintage croc Kelly at the measly price of $816.00 a week or if you might $2400.00 a month [member price] humm I wonder if they'll take a check?

In case you're wondering it's wait listed at BBoS as well, So get on that list too if you want to take it to your 20 year high school reunion.

I think the real deal has a wait list of 5+ years and a possibly a price tag exceeding 15k [10k for the Birkin right? Croc is so much more] so you could rent to "test it out" or fill in your wait time while you're at it.

#3 Fashonista's business comparison between Zara and the Gap is spot on

"Zara surpasses Gap as the largest retailer in the world. Posting 9% increase in sales while Gap fell behind 10% in the first quarter."

from the article:
Why did I buy my winter coat full price from Zara two weeks ago? Because I know it'll be gone by the end of the month, replaced with some other diluted Rick Owens interpretation. Meanwhile, Gap's overproduction means that if I like something, I can wait months with the guarantee that it will go on sale for a fraction of the price (good for me, bad for Gap) - but the bigger problem might be that I don't like anything.

Personally, I got all of three minutes to walk through Zara a couple of weeks ago during the dude's shopping spree. This place is rocking the house down, so many cute things. If I ever get three more minutes to go back I could do some damage. This article, over at Fashionista, outlining why they're doing well is a smart business analysis of why Patrick Robinson & Co should be taking note. I truly hope Patrick can pull them out of their hole [Banana seems to have gotten a little zing back] but they should re-evaluate the manufacturing plan as a whole if they're going to step it up.

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franki durbin said...

I love Zara. For some reason we don't have one here... but I could shop for days there. And, yes, the "get it or it will be gone forever" environment works like a charm at getting me to put my credit card on the counter :)