Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mall Rage

The guy and I spent 6 hrs at an Orange County Mall over the weekend looking for some new "school clothes" before he starts med school. We were looking for a pair of casual boots [didn't find any] and the perfect khaki's. Which we found at the very last store---ever. We were also looking for a pair of jeans but that's a whole other story to go into. I haven't done a marathon shopping day like that since well, I was 22. And adding the fact that my guy isn't really a mall guy or a shopper well you do the math.

I first took him to "Nordstrom Rack" trying for a bargin - he walked in and immediately said "I don't think I can do this" I dragged him through anyway to see if there were any shoes. none. He looked like a frightened puppy so I agreed to leave.

Next over to the big side of the mall. Now Orange County, as you should know from the Real Housewives has a lot of money and South Coast Plaza has stores in it that Rodeo Drive doesn't even have. Neimans, Saks, Nordies, Macy's if you want to go slumming, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Louis, Prada...all of them. It's always crowded there. The economy slump, doesn't effect these people. These are the people who decide to pop into "Harry Winston" and come out with a 7 carat diamond ring, just because. Or if it's an off day maybe a $2500 handbag. They also travel with their ENTIRE FAMILIES and walk in a row covering any source of "get around them" space possible. They also stroll, they don't power shop, which is fine, if you're not taking up every inch of room to get around them.

6 hrs later and I was D-O-N-E. I should have got a coffee at about 4pm but I was trying to power through. Bad decision on my part. When I go down in a fiery blaze like that it gets ugly and I tend to get mean. I did manage to control myself thankfully. In the end, we got him some really nice things and he was pleased but I was tapped out [wrong shoes too btw that I wore for the shopping excursion -didn't help, not a bit].

When we came home in relative silence, I finally admitted that I had thought about doing bodily harm to at least a dozen people while I was there. He said, "oh my gawd, I thought it was just me!" no honey, those people were annoying the shit out of me every single second. Then we both said it at the same time, wow we totally have "mall rage" and laughed.

That's it folks..."Mall Rage" you heard it here first.

BTW:...we were totally slumming it at Banana Republic & Macy's Men's[ JCrew was the fancy store for us]. But I must say the Harry Winston window with the 7+ carat pear shaped diamond...stunning and crazy large. The Rolex store was packed by the way in case you were wondering.

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karey m. said...

you and esme could be the same person.

except she doesn't hold back from the bodily harm part.


Who Sees the Seven... said...

Mall shopping...ahhh, that brings me back to my days in high school and college as well. I did it in the burbs of Boston and upstate NY though, and can't even IMAGINE the OC-ified version (though you painted a wonderful picture). That's the good thing about shopping in NYC---no malls!