Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Life would be so much better with this

Williams Sonoma's Bialetti Mukka glass cappuccino maker. - watch the video!

separate sections for the espresso, water, and milk and then it blends it all together for you. brilliant $99.95 might put your girlies out of biz-nis!
read her story "wake up and smell the..." for a hilarious story on teaching your kids to making morning espresso's. It made me laugh out loud.


karey m. said...

you scared the piss out of me! i came back to check in on your back, and see my name instead of an update...


since we returned to jordan, grae has made my coffee three times. the first was sicky sweet. i told her to knock it off. equal is expensive.

the second cup? she still did not listen. so i had to get tough.

i told her too much equal would give me cancer. and now? all is well with my latte.

grae's mental health and all-around worry levels? not. so. sure.

xoxo. mother of the year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Richie
This could be a Christmas wish list idea (One if my clients is nor cal district... something or another fancy title)So it could be a reality! Let me know how serious your are about it!
Miss you and Magnolia Cupcakes!
THINK YOGA...NOT CUPCAKES! still not working!
love chelle and Brian and 3 angels

PS why is it all the "Gotta haves and can't live without" thing are just "Things?"

flow said...

i want this for christmas!

Anonymous said...

I bought one 2 weeks ago. No more electrical for me. It does require practice - everything has to be precisely as outlined in the manual or it won't do what it's meant to do.

Caution - it can be tough to unscrew the top from the bottom. Don't tighten too much (or too little)! And be sure you understand how to attach the steaming contraption properly. When done incorrectly there can be an eruption. Very annoying first thing in the morning before you've had your coffee. : )

Richie Designs said...

nice tip Anonymous! I tend not to read directions so good to know it's important.